Catholic School Review

Catholic Schools play an important role in the Church’s mission. As such, Catholic schools must continue to provide an authentic Catholic education, as expected by all stakeholders, for all students.

To assist in this endeavour, the Division uses the Catholic School Review process to assist schools in identifying strengths and areas of improvement in regards to its Catholic identity. 

Using the "Marks of an Excellent Catholic School" document as a guide, the Catholic School Review process provides the Division with detailed perspectives and data that allows for celebration of what is systematic and effective for the school community while providing recommendations for improvement over a four year cycle aligned to the Division Education Assurance plan cycle.

The review process consists of:

1. Preparatory phase - Schools collect information and evidence in advance of the site visit

2. Visitation phase - School site visit to conduct staff, student and parent interviews

3. Implementation phase - School implements recommendations based on the school review

Catholic School Review Dashboard