COGITO Academy

About COGITO Academy

The Cogito Academy is a program designed to foster rigorous learning and achievement among all students within a structured and orderly setting. It adheres to the standard Alberta Education curriculum but facilitates a more thorough and expedited progression due to its unique design and expectations. This allows for the introduction of learning extensions.

The program inspires and expects students to consistently give their best effort. A substantial focus on literacy and numeracy lays the groundwork for all learning endeavors.

Acknowledging parents/guardians as valued partners in their children's education, the Cogito Academy cultivates a collaborative partnership among families, teachers, and administration. Continuous communication regarding student progress and expectations is prioritized.

COGITO Academy Schools

The following schools are offering COGITO Academy as an option for their students:

The following schools are exploring COGITO Academy as an option for their students in the fall of 2024:


Students who are attending the above schools are eligible for COGITO Academy and will go through an assessment process to qualify prior to registration. In order to begin the assessment process or to learn more about COGITO Academy, please fill out this brief form:

COGITO Academy Interest Form

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  • Sequenced knowledge content, with emphasis on mastery learning
  • Focus on attention and increased concentration
  • Strong work ethic


  • Emphasis on reading and writing skills
  • Emphasis on math and critical-thinking skills
  • Explicit spelling and grammar instruction
  • Strong mental and written math skill development that emphasizes computational and problem solving skills
  • Improved work ethic, study habits and organizational skills
  • Preparation for a wide range of future academic, professional and skilled employment opportunities
  • Teacher-led, whole group instruction that focuses on students learning and progressing through the curriculum together
  • Structured classroom environment
  • Regular homework
  • Recitation, memorization and practice exercises to improve learning
  • Early reading instruction in phonics--understanding letters, sounds and syllables
  • Second language instruction or Choral introduced in Grade 1
  • Additional opportunities to study core subjects in-depth
  • Uniforms or a dress code requirement
  • A high level of parental support and commitment

The Kindergarten program will include half-day instruction.

There are no additional program fees for Cogito. The program does have some student attire requirements, which are at the expense of the family.

Cogito programming is designed for students willing to work to achieve high academic excellence in an environment that emphasizes structure and order. This program appeals to dedicated students who learn well through rote delivery of course material and value consistency. Students experience direct instruction and participate in daily homework.

There is an emphasis on memorization and automaticity of skills as a precursor to mastery and application. There is no academic entrance requirement for this program, and all families who feel this is a good fit for their child(ren) are welcome to register; however, there is an expectation that parents/legal guardians meet with the school administration before being accepted into the program. 

This is not a program designed for gifted students.

Download the Cogito Academy Student Profiles for more information about what's expected of Kindergarten and Elementary students in Cogito Academy.