EICS Central Learning Services Departments

DEPARTMENT                        PHONE
Business Services 780-449-6464
Communication Services 780-449-7487
Facility Services 780-449-6472
Financial Services 780-449-6458
Human Resources Services 780-449-6450
Inclusive Learning Services  780-449-6440 
Occupational Health & Safety Services  780-449-6456 
Reception 780-467-8896 
Religious Education Services 780-449-6455
Technology Services 780-449-6484
Transportation Services 780-449-6480

Human Resources Services

Clint Moroziuk
Director, Human Resources Services

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, timely, knowledgeable, fair and professional human resource services. We demonstrate personal and team-centred leadership characterized by honesty, respect, integrity, trust and reliability.

Human Resources Services provides supportive, innovative human resource knowledge and services that sustain our overall Division mission and values. We provide advice, services, and support to all departments and schools throughout the Division, such as:

  • Recruitment and Employment
  • Training and professional development for administration and staff; both association and non-association
  • Labour relations
  • Development of human resource policies
  • Employee health and wellness