EICS Central Learning Services Departments

DEPARTMENT                        PHONE
Reception 780-467-8896
Business Services 780-449-6464
Communication Services 780-449-7487
Educational Excellence Services  587-745-2012
Facility Services 780-449-6472
Financial Services 780-449-6458
Human Resources Services 780-449-6473
Inclusive Learning Services  780-449-6440 
Occupational Health & Safety Services  780-449-6456 
Religious Education and Wellness Services 780-449-6455
Technology Services 780-449-6484
Transportation Services 780-449-6480

EICS Organizational Chart

Central Learning Services Executive Team

Dr. Lorraine Court

Assistant Superintendent, Inclusive Learning

Phone 780-449-6445

Brett Cox

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Phone 780 449-6451

Mr. Paul Corrigan

Assistant Superintendent, Faith and Wellness

Phone 780 449-6455

Thérèse deChamplain-Good

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Excellence

Phone 587-745-2012