Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School

4001 Emerald Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8H 0P5
Phone: 780-467-2121
Fax: 780-467-1390
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Grade 9 to 12


Archbishop Jordan: An Academy of Learning
Archbishop Jordan High is committed to the highest standards in education according to the rich tradition of Catholic schools, a tradition, respected around the world, which emphasizes the formation of the whole person: mind, body, soul. As such programming at Archbishop Jordan reflects the variety of talents and dreams that our students have, from the academic or athletic to the religious and artistic. At Archbishop Jordan we offer a number of career and education pathways, giving students rich opportunities for adapting their learning according to their aspirations and passions. Each program is tailored to student needs as well as disciplinary and industry expectations. It is our belief that the best education takes place when students are oriented towards a clearly defined goal.  Uncertain of your future? No worries. Life experiences help shape our interests and passions. A well rounded education, which a more general approach, is a great way to find out what you love.


Our school motto “Scri cui credidi” translated is: I KNOW IN WHOM I PLACE MY CONFIDENCE (TRUST) 2 Tim 1:12. Inspired by Archbishop Anthony Jordan, the school that bears his name, Archbishop Jordan Catholic High school in Sherwood Park, Alberta, takes great solace in this, his motto and ours. For as Paul, in his letter to Timothy reminds us, Christ is present and with us always and thus we have nothing to fear and great love guiding us. It is our trust in Him who leads, saves and protects us as we continue our journey of faith and wisdom at Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School. Let He who died for us and we who are saved by Him be our focus and center of faith.


We, the constituents of the Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School community, strive to create an environment that will support the intellectual, cultural, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of the individual. In so doing, we believe that our efforts will enable our students, as Catholic citizens, to live rich and fulfilling lives in Christ and consequently contribute throughout their lifetime to the betterment of themselves, their community and society at large.

Programs & Services

French Immersion
Ukrainian Bilingual programming
Fine Arts
CTS Courses
Culinary Arts