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We're Preparing for the Partial Solar Eclipse

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Should the sky be clear on Monday, April 8, Albertans will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse of the sun starting in the late morning and ending in the afternoon.

Depending on where you live within our EICS community, the partial eclipse will occur during school hours from approximately 11:54 a.m. to 1:42 p.m., with the maximum eclipse at approximately 12:46 p.m. 

At no point is it safe to look directly at the sun -- even during a partial solar eclipse -- without proper eye protection.

Our schools will be taking necessary precautions to ensure student and staff safety, including:

  • Lunch, Recess, and Outdoor Activities: Students will be kept indoors for the duration of the partial solar eclipse, including recess. Families of students who go home for lunch are encouraged to have their child bring a lunch and remain at school on Monday.
  • School Field Trips: Previously scheduled school and academy field trips will proceed as scheduled, except for activities where students will be outdoors for extended periods of time during the partial solar eclipse. Students will be reminded about the dangers of looking directly at the sun without proper protection.
  • PUF bussing Strathcona County: EIPS will not be running the noon time busing service for our PUF or their PALS program on Monday due to safety concerns surrounding the eclipse. EIPS will be sending out messaging to all families and administration that are affected.

Please also discuss with your child the importance of not looking directly at the partial eclipse.

For more information on eclipse safety, visit NASA's website. The eclipse can also be viewed online through Exploratorium and the Telus World of Science.

Please contact your school directly if you have any questions regarding what precautions they’re taking.