Elk Island Catholic Schools 2022-2026 Division Education Assurance Plan Approved

Posted on Mar 17th, 2022

The Elk Island Catholic Schools Board (EICS) of Trustees has approved the 2022-2026 and the 2022-2023 Division Education Assurance Plan which was the culmination of an extensive community engagement.  

In Alberta, school boards are responsible for providing assurance to their stakeholders that they are fulfilling their responsibilities, meeting the needs of students, and enabling their success. The key to building public assurance is engaging with our education partners in the Division’s planning and reporting cycle.  The parent, student, and EICS community voice is integral to building this plan and helps create a culture of continuous improvement.  

Surveys were conducted with all parents, students in Grades 4-12, and all staff over a number of weeks in December of 2021.  Beginning January 2022, EICS analyzed the feedback in the context of best serving the needs of our students as we keep working towards improving where we can and holding steady where we excel.

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