Frequently Asked Questions - EICS Transportation

What is the seating capacity on a bus?

Standard school buses can fit 70-72 passengers.

What is the maximum length of time my child will be on the bus?

There are no maximum ride times for students, although EICS tries to get students to and from school in the most efficient way possible.

When are the alternately flashing lights used on a bus?

Outside of urban areas, when student are loading and unloading from the school bus, the flashing lights and crossing arm is activated. It is illegal to pass a bus when the ref flashing lights are activated.

Why are flashing lights and crossing arms not used inside Sherwood Park?

There is a bylaw in place prohibiting school buses from using their flashing lights and crossing arms within the urban area in Sherwood Park.

Does the school bus provide door to door service?

Transportation must be diligent in keeping ride times to a minimum; therefore, the school bus will not stop at each child’s house. Walk distances are used and stops must be within 300 meters of a student’s residence.

Why isn’t eating and drinking allowed on the school bus?

To prevent students with allergies from having a reaction, and to prevent choking hazards, eating and drinking are prohibited on the school bus.

What should I do if I have a busing concern?

You should contact your child’s driver first, if this is not possible please contact our office.