Code of Conduct

Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that will not cause the bus driver to divert his/her attention from driving the bus. Action may be taken for student behavior and conduct when riding an EICS school bus if the behavior is detrimental to the safe and caring environment of the bus.


We believe:

  • that everyone has the right to a safe and caring environment when riding the school bus;
  • students, parents, and bus operators share a responsibility to support and encourage student success;
  • the school bus is an extension of the classroom with the same behavioral expectations.


Students shall:

  • follow safe boarding and exiting procedures;
  • present their bus pass when boarding the bus;
  • arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to bus arrival;
  • sit facing the front on their assigned bus seat;
  • be accountable for their conduct when waiting for, boarding, and riding the bus;
  • only bring items that can be held on their lap while enclosed inside a standard student backpack;
  • refrain from eating or drinking on the school buses;
  • use electronic devices responsibly including NOT taking pictures, video, or audio recordings.

Parents shall:

  • be familiar with the bus rules and expectations of student behavior;
  • initiate and respond to communication with bus operators and student transportation staff and appropriate school personnel;
  • assist their children to be at their assigned stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time;
  • ensure a backup plan is in place in the event the parent is not home to greet the student after school;
  • support student efforts to ensure students have a safe and caring environment.

Bus operators shall:

  • provide a positive and safe environment that supports students;
  • initiate and respond to communication with parents;
  • work with schools and student transportation to provide consistent behavior expectations for students;
  • ensure they demonstrate safe driving behavior.


Riding the school bus is a privilege. All normal school rules apply when riding and students are expected to follow the direction of the bus operator. Repeated or significant improper behavior on the bus will be addressed by the school administration and may result in the suspension of riding privileges.