School Counselling Services

EICS Counsellors provide comprehensive counselling support for students from early childhood through to high school - every school within the Division has a School Counsellor on their teaching staff. School Counsellors play a vital role in supporting students’ social/emotional development, assisting with educational and career planning, and promoting positive mental health.

Counsellors provide support to students within three domains: personal/social, educational, and career. The specific duties and responsibilities of a School Counsellor include:

 Consulting with educational partners to develop a comprehensive counselling plan that responds to the unique needs of their school community

  • Implementing counselling interventions at all three levels of the “pyramid of supports” (universal supports for all students, targeted supports for students with identified needs, and specialized supports in the most intensive cases)
  • Supporting career investigation and engaging in career counselling with individual students or groups of students
  • Participating in school Learning Support Team meetings and assisting with individual student planning as needed (e.g. Instructional Support Plans, Behaviour Support Plans, Success in School Plans for children in care)
  • Providing mental health information/resources to students, parents, and school staff
  • Referring students and their families to community-based support services, and acting as a liaison between school and community supports
  • Providing short-term counselling for students in crisis, until an appropriate outside counselling referral can be made