Meet our Team

Meet our Team at Inclusive Learning Services

Bonnie-Lynne Boehm: Director of Inclusive Learning Services
(780) 449-6445,

Consultants and Support Staff:

Boyle, Andrea: Early Learning Consultant,

Calderon, Marisol: Occupational Therapist,

Cruikshank, Kenda: Psychologist,

DiogenesNadine:  Inclusive Learning Consultant,

Giacobbo, Jacelyn: Psychologist,

Hamblin, Keely: Speech Language Pathologist,

Holland, Justine: Inclusive Learning Consultant,

Kalirai, Parveen: Behaviour Consultant,

Robinson, Chelsea (Maternity Leave)Occupational Therapist,

Rushton, Andrea: Speech Language Pathologist,

Ryan, Brooklyn: Speech Language Pathologist,

Schurek, Lynne:  Program Assistant,

Sloman, Kimberley (Maternity Leave): Behaviour Specialist, 

Szydlowski, Jennifer: Occupational Therapist,

Van Wolde, Julie (Maternity Leave):  Speech Language Pathologist ,