Consulting Services

Our consultant team includes an Early Learning Consultant, Success Coaches, Inclusive Learning Consultants, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists. This team works in collaboration with our community partners  to meet the identified needs of children, youth and their families. 

Our team also includes a low incidence team who provide specialized services to our some of our students.  The specialists include a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant, an Audiologist, a Vision Consultant, as well as a Physiotherapist.  If you feel your child is in need of a consult from one of these specialists, please contact the Collaborative Response Coordinator at your school. 

Support is provided in inclusive settings through hands-on guidance and professional development in the following areas:

  • Inclusive Education & Assistive Technology
  • Early Intervention (learning, speech-language, occupational therapy)   
  • EICS Collaborative Response Model
  • Instructional Support Plans (ISP) and Regulation Support Plans (BSP)
  • Standardized Testing & Psychoeducational Assessment Services
  • Behaviour Consultation & Intervention
  • Crisis Support

In addition to providing individual services and consultation, the Inclusive Learning Services team facilitates the following training initiatives within EICS:

  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI - Crisis Prevention Institute)
  • VTRA - Violence Threat Risk Assessment (Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response)
  • The Zones of Regulation (A Framework to Foster Self-Regulation & Emotional Control)
  • Learning Language and Loving It & Talkability (The Hanen Centre)
  • Positive Behaviour Supports 
  • Circle of Security - Parent Workshops
  • CONNECT Parenting