Central Learning Services Contacts

Central Learning Services

Ryan Stierman

Secretary –Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Phone 780-449-6443

Thérèse deChamplain-Good

Educational Excellence-Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Assistant Superintendent

Phone 587-745-2012

Paul Corrigan

Faith & Wellness Development Assistant Superintendent

Phone 780-449-6455

Dr. Lorraine Court

Inclusive Learning Services Assistant Superintendent

Brett Cox

Human Resources Services Assistant Superintendent

Phone 780-449-6473

Heather Shaw

Benefits & Salary ATA and Non-Association Staff Administrator of ATRF Pension

Phone 780-449-6452

Jill DeClerck LAPP, RRSP

Benefits & Salary CUPE, Transportation, UNIFOR

Phone 780-449-6450

Marie Frederick

Business / Financial Services

Phone 780-449-6464

Nicole McElhatton

Human Resources Services

Phone 780-449-6473

Mike Desautels

Occupational Health & Safety Services

Phone 587-745-2036