EICS Transportation - Updates for Fall 2019

Posted on Aug 29th, 2019

EICS Transportation is pleased to announce that beginning in September of 2019 for the 2019/2020 school year, the ABJ Transfer site will be relocated from Archbishop Jordan Catholic School (ABJ) to the Strathcona County Bethel Bus Station, which is located on Bethel Drive and Broadway Boulevard. The highlights of this move include:

  • Centralized transfer location, reducing the ride time from schools located south of Baseline Road
  • Due to the close proximity of EICS Transportation (across the street) there will be increased monitors for both AM and PM by EICS Transportation staff
  • EICS will be using the Bethel Station location at a time when it is basically empty from other types of use (post morning rush and pre-end of day commuter traffic).
  • Isidore Learning Centre students will have public transit across the street from their school.
  • This move will remove our buses and students from the increasing congestion that is occurring at ABJ.

Also available to all parents is a new App in EICS Transportation that enables parents to see the exact time and route numbers that their students are on within EICS school buses.  The new BusPlanner app and website portal can be accessed at the following website: https://eics.mybusplanner.ca/

In order to register your student, please click on the following instructions for accessing your child's transportation information and being able to utilize the parent portal. 


EICS BusPlanner Instructions