EICS Learning Disruption Grant

Posted on Sep 13th, 2021

As we enter the 2021-2022 school year, teachers in EICS will not only welcome students into their new classes but will also work with students to assess and address any potential setbacks in literacy and math learning. Each year, our schools use the EICS Literacy and Numeracy Frameworks to determine areas that require focussed support and set learning goals. However, the disruption to in-class learning during the Covid-19 pandemic may have resulted in some students, particularly those in the early grades, not attaining the gains they would have in a regular year. As a result, targeted literacy and math assessments will be used with all students in English and French Immersion Grades 1-3 as an extension to the processes already in place to identify students who require additional intervention to develop their skills and close gaps.  

Alberta Education has provided funding to support schools with staffing and resources for these supplementary interventions. Students in Grades 2-3 will complete specialized assessments in September and students in Grade 1 will be assessed in December with interventions beginning shortly afterward. Students identified as requiring additional support will receive 30 hours of supplementary programming in literacy and between 20-30 hours of support in math in small group formats from specialized intervention teachers. During and after the intervention period, student progress will be monitored and communicated with classroom teachers and parents. A final communication of gains will also be provided to Alberta Education.